As a result of the Covid-19 virus pandemic we have come to management decision that will affect our business together for the nearest time. These decisions are from 2020-03-23 and ongoing until further notice.

  • All orders larger than 3000 €uro will only be accepted with advance payment.
  • In some cases we will ask you as a client, to arrange for pick up from our warehouse. This to avoid any special quarantine rules outside our control.

We trust in mutual understanding and we hope for your acceptance in these cases.
Best regards,
Richard Alm Managing Director

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We are delivering personal service and high quality spare parts to our customers all across the world since 1969.

Throughout the years we have developed an extensive program of high-quality spare parts for 4-stroke engines – Wartsila Vasa L/R20, V/R22, 22/26, 24TS, L26, R/V32 and L32.