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What we do

Throughout the years we have supplied our own spare parts suitable for Vasa 4-stroke program L20, R20, V22, R22, 22/26, 24TS, L26, R32, V32 and L32. 
For marine businesses and power stations.

We offer a unique & economical alternative to the original manufacturer.

High quality & large inventory of spares, technical service, rapid response to requests/questions and quick delivery are basic services we provide. We can, through our vast network of workshops, provide you with service wherever requested.

We are continually developing & expanding our warehouse to become your preferred supplier. Examples of the parts we supply are: bearings, cylinder liners, pistons, piston rings, cylinder heads, fuel parts, filters, gasket sets etc.
All major parts is certified.

We are active with clients all over the world and are sending spares to every corner of it, regularly. Our logistics partners pride themselves with “on time delivery” and understand the need of getting spare parts onboard in time.

Please contact us if you are operating your engine under the NOx parameter system, so that we can discuss your exact requirements.
Any use by us of any engine manufacturer’s brand or model name, product codes, part numbers or IMO numbers is for descriptive and/or reference purposes only. Such use does not mean that parts so described originate from the engine manufacturer. Should confirmation of origin be required, this will be provided separately.

We don’t compromise in this area, ever!

tdi airstarter

Motor-Service provide original TDI air starters and TDI genuine spare parts.

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