Motor-Service – Your ship and power plant spare parts supplier

Who we are


Motor-Service was established in 1969. In the beginning the company was specializing in MAK and Niigata engines where parts were kept in stock and service was provided. The company also dealt with fuel parts and all wear and tear parts for different kinds of engines. In the mid 90´s the supply of parts suitable for W Vasa 32 took of within the company. The following years more and more focus was in supplying parts suitable for W Vasa 22 and 24.


In 2005 a new page was turned in the company development – a change of ownership to Lennart Alm and his son, Richard. Today Motor-Service Sweden AB is owned by Richard and his wife, Anna Alm. New ownership meant creating a new strategy. For the convenience of the customer, we decided not to handle all service in our workshop, but utilize connections with different workshops around the world. This way, we are able to do the job on site, anywhere in the world. Since 2005 the company has focused on supplying parts suitable for W Vasa 20, 22, 22/26, 24, 26, 32 and L32.